Samsung galaxy s4 black mist 16gb

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But the phone itself is good quality - unscratched screen with no apparent dead spots in the digitizer pickup, and no tooling marks on the internals as you sometimes get with referb products. Has set up his email so no need to switch on his laptop.

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  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 - 16GB - Black Mist (Unlocked) Smartphone.
  5. Galaxy S4 16GB (Verizon).

Probably the best Samsung phone ever made, in my opinion. It's fast, fairly small, has an SD card slot, and most importantly it has a replaceable battery.

Even better, official Samsung accessories such as the flip case can be bought for a small fraction of the original cost. I've bought several of these for people who wanted a reasonably priced smartphone, and have received nothing but thanks and re ports of envious comments from people with later models. Serves my purposes at far less cost than a new phone.

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I wanted and got - an effective, occasional-use phone and SMS, MP3 player, clear easily-read screen, ability to run certain specific apps and reasonable battery life which phone manufacturers seem unable to deliver. Got all of these and more. Bought this phone as the old one wouldnt charge battery so thought if had a phone the same i would be able to swap batteries and transfer data.

Found old phone wouldnt work with new battery fully charged and the new phone has lots of bugs in it and afterwards read reviews about a batch of phones of this type which are faulty so check batch number before buying if you really want one. Lock StatusFactory Unlocked. ModelSamsung Galaxy S 4. I sent it back primary due to reception and transmission issues and have purchased an LG G4 Verizon.

Galaxy S4 16GB (AT&T) Phones - SGH-IZKAATT | Samsung US

I would have probably gotten another S4, but a friend that I was with yesterday has one and said the only thing he didn't like about his was short battery life which I had experienced. The eBay vendor I purchased it from was very helpful in the return.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist (16GB) Unboxing

Nobody seems to have the quality of screen that Samsung does. I have owned at least 2 other Samsungs.

Prepaid Customers

It was sharp. The camera was very good, much better than the Motorola Droid Maxx that I replaced due to failing call quality. I would have replaced my old phone with another Maxx if I could have found a new one. The reception on this phone was much poorer than the Maxx's that others also use in my house. I liked the home screen button that can be held briefly to clear everything you have been running.

The power button was very sensitive and too easy for me to lightly touch and put the screen to sleep. The default Google configuration was too invasive on what I consider "privacy issues" but that was Samsung and Google's issue and could be remedied with just a few basic setup changes.

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This phone has lasted forever! Only downside is the battery is failing and I wish it had more internal storage. Other than that, so easy to use. Not a bad phone to have of you don't want to spend a ton on a new model. It's a good smartphone for 1st time owners and others. The one thing I will say about this phone is if your an advanced user demanding root access to branded Samsung Galaxy S4 phones, the only way to surely get over the locked bootloader is by means of "Safestrap". It's a great backup phone too.

Hope this information helps.

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  • Best of luck to you. New enough to perform well all around but old enough to find a bargain. Sure it's more laggy than a newer model but most of the time that's barely noticeable. Camera too will be better on a newer model but it still does a great job and a world better than cheaper phones no matter how new.

    Galaxy S4 16GB (AT&T)

    Very happy I chose this phone. Realize that this a an older version that has been superseded by the S5, S6, and S7. But hey its also less than half the price of a used S6, and S7's and not a lot of difference with the S5. I personally like the size , fits better in my pocket than the larger newer ones.